General enquiries:Bob 330244 The Church Act, passed during the same legislature that tightened church prohibitions on same-sex marriages and “self-professing practicing” gay clergy, allows congregations to leave property for “reasons of conscience” related to homosexuality if they meet certain requirements. Members sometimes have legal training and also have judges. They are all active in their local churches and other parts of The United Methodist Church. However, they may not be members of the General or Central Conference. In Decision 1421, the Judicial Council addressed two issues: whether the sale of real estate could be finalized before the Conference vote, and whether the Conference Governing Body could enter into a non-disclosure agreement with a church that withdrew. National Learning and Development Coordinator Cymru Wales:Delyth 7467 5185 Main responsibilities: To determine, in partnership with the Conference Secretary and other liaison officers, how the vision, strategy and policies of the Methodist Church, as defined by the Conference, will be implemented using all Church resources and in particular the Contribution of the Connectional Team to this Work Provide leadership to the team and represent the Church throughout the association and beyond. Director of Engagement:Jo 7467 5257 Alison 902583 The disaffiliation plan provides a limited way to exempt congregations from The United Methodist Church`s centuries-old trust clause, which states that church property is held in trust for the benefit of the entire denomination. The provision allows such exclusions until December 31, 2023. Connection Wellbeing 467 5192 Decisions are based on the United Methodist Constitution and specific paragraphs of the Book of Discipline cited in one case, but may refer to other relevant paragraphs. Conflicting paragraphs must be resolved before a decision is made.

Discipline commands the tribunal “not to go beyond what is necessary to decide the question of canon law.” In Decision 1425, the Judicial Council also upheld Devadhar`s decision that the New England Conference could require churches considering a split to go through a decision-making process of at least eight months, obtain assessments of the impact of withdrawal, and hold at least four hearings with members. The Secretary of the Armed Forces The Board of Directors “supervises, supervises and maintains all real property owned by the local Church, as well as all real property and equipment purchased directly from the local Church.” (The United Methodist Book of Discipline, 2008, ΒΆ2532). The responsibilities of administrators in municipalities often include understanding the law and complying with local, state, and even federal laws regarding property, bequests, and foundations. In general, annual conferences require the commitment of directors and provide a means for such actions. Check with your annual conference office for information and compliance requirements. Jonathan 7467 5157 The Judicial Council is required to review any decision on a question of law taken by a bishop at an annual session of the conference. Other cases come from lower ecclesiastical courts or an official organ of the Church requesting a declaratory decision on the legality of a particular act. As a rule, there are several motions for declaratory decisions during the General Conference. Conference organisation, registration, exhibition, side activities and ticketingEvent CoordinatorSharon Media Officer:Michael 7467 5191 The North Georgia Conference and its largest member church, Mt.

Bethel, are involved in a civil and counterclaim claim in district court over church property. Mount Bethel invoked section 2553. Contact information for each agent and department within the Connexional team is listed below. Principal AdministratorFunmi 7467 3533 Secretary:The Rev. Mark Ministerial Coordinator for the Oversight of Ordained Ministries:The Rev. Dr. Claire 7467 5146 Officer:Joanne 235 6739 In Decision 1423, the Judicial Council upheld a decision by the Bishop of the New England Conference, Sudarshana Devadhar, that the clergy of the United Methodist clergy members in good standing may apply for expulsion from a church. Director of Communications: Jillian 020 7467 511207799 902580 Main duties: Oversee the drafting of the constitutional practice and discipline of the Methodist Church and convene the Legal and Political Affairs Committee. Overseeing the provision of legal, constitutional, governance and property advice.

Manager:Meena 7467 5258 Administrative 7467 5298 The church tribunal states that, according to the discipline, a local church “cannot break its relations with The United Methodist Church without the consent of the annual conference.” The Judicial Council has interpreted this provision so that the annual conference must ratify any withdrawal agreement. Head of Mission:Jude 7467 5174 Digital Content ManagerDave 7467 5279 Haupert-Johnson said she had determined that no legislative decision was needed “because the board of the North Georgia Annual Conference indicated that it would not question the `reasons of conscience` behind a church`s decision to separate.” Advisor:Tim Administrative 7467 5189 For general help and advice, contact the Legal Department of the General Council of Finance and Administration: Legal Services. Latin America and Caribbean Partnership Coordinator:Sandra 7467 5160 West Midlands Learning and Development Coordinator:Geoff 900486 Senior Governance Executive Officer:Jane 7467 5156 In Decision 1422, the Judicial Council upheld another decision by Haupert-Johnson. During the annual conference, a lay member asked the bishop if a church that claims to be traditional could use Article 2553. “Traditional” in this context means a church that supports denominational restrictions surrounding homosexuality. The Judicial Council continues to discuss a 22-point list of cases.