Service Regulations of the Mizoram Secretariat, 2007. 1. Short title and beginning: (1) These rules may be referred to as the Mizoram Secretariat Service Rules , 2007. 2. They enter into force on the day of their publication in the Official Gazette of Mizoram. 2. Definitions: 1. In these Regulations, unless the context otherwise requires: (a) “Specified date” means the date on which these Regulations enter into force. (b) “Appointing authority” means the Governor of Mizoram. (e) `approved permanent operational capacity` means, in respect of a grade, the number of permanent posts and certain posts in that grade. (d) “Commission” means the Mizoram Civil Service Commission. (e) “Constitution” means the Constitution of India. (l) `post` means any establishment listed in Annex I, including temporary employment, of the same title and remuneration as each of the posts appearing on that list and any other establishment listed in Annex II.

(g) “Gazette” means the Gazette of Mizoram. (h) “Government means the Government of Mizoram. (i) “Governor” means the Governor of Mizoram. (j) `grade` means any of the grades referred to in Rule 4. (k) “Panel” means the shortlist established in accordance with Rule 10. (l) `timetable` means a timetable annexed to these rules. (m) “Service” means the Mizoran1 Secretariat Service. 41 Lalthakimi Mission Vengthlang 2312681(R)/9436187494 67 Hriemthang Zate Ramhlun Sport Complex 2344332(R)/9436198230 Performance Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) Mission Appointment of returning officer and deputy returning officer 31 Lalbiaksanga Ralte Luangmual Vengthlang 9862363527 82 Benedic Thanhlira Hortoki/ Saikhamakawn 9436716832 Opinion of the Committee at the State level Tam Endiktu Pawl Notification of the transfer of Lengpui Lower Town from Mamit to Aizawl Administrative jurisdiction under the Secretary, Department of Public Information and Public Affairs 30 H.Vanlalchuangi Ramthar Veng 2334020(R)/9862792477 Distribution of schools under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan Mission 27 Lalrinawmi Fanai Shivaji Tilla 2321279(R)/9436151124 35 Lalremruati New Street, Mission Veng 9436144201/9862325188 10 Lalremruata Ralte ITI Veng 2318127(R)/9862560139 7 P.S.Sanghluna Chaltlang Dingdi Veng 9862300371 (M) 11 Lalrammawia Bawngkawn 2342048(R)/9436191582/2320246. 24 Vanlalmawii Ngente Kulikawn 2312822(R)/9436142533 National Transport Authority Authority Authorizes Reference Points for Motor Vehicle Tax and Toll Rates in Education, Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan Mission. 48 Lalthansangi Aizawl Venglai 2320193(R)/ 9862725344 1 K.Lalhmangaihzuala Electric Veng 2321562(R)/9436150344 3 F.Lalthuamluaia College Veng 2327099(R)/9436144181 29 Betsy Zothanpari Mission Veng 2323324(R)/9436140959 Undersecretary, Department of Health and Family Welfare. P.S.

to Parliamentary Secretary of State (Pu Chawngtinthanga) Mizoram Community Rules (Procedure and Business), 2007 125 C.Lalfakzuala Veng Model 9436140855 / 8974772425.