We recommend that you meet with your legal recruiter in person. Be sure to meet the recruiter if you are in the same city as them. A face-to-face meeting can significantly increase your chances of success if things go well from there. This makes it more conducive to developing a stronger, globally successful client-recruiter relationship that continues to produce excellent results. LawCrossing`s Recruiter Rankings will help you advance your legal career. The website – being able to approve companies and everything is sent without having to worry about anything beyond the approval of companies. In general, it was a fairly simple process. The way the website aggregates companies and gives you the option to choose either the specific position or. Read more > The field of legal research consulting developed in the late 1960s in response to the growing demand for consulting services specializing in hiring lawyers.

Since then, the industry has grown dramatically and continues to do so. However, in the early days of the profession, there was virtually no dialogue among legal research practitioners, and the lack of consistent standards of practice has undermined the credibility of the legal research profession. Our higher education and not-for-profit department works closely with leaders of not-for-profit organizations, colleges and universities to understand specific institutional requirements and then provide world-class lawyers. We provide our clients with world-class talented partners and associates, from local law firms to large regional, national and global law firms with multiple offices. Working with The Partners Group is their consistent and high quality service. I can always count on them to find top-notch candidates, both for our ongoing and contractual needs. They are the best research consultants in the industry! Law firms invest more time and money in time-consuming and often complex tasks for new hires. Not only is the search harder and time-consuming, but in most cases, once a viable candidate is found, companies need to offer more money, better benefits, and even creative perks just to stay competitive with all the other companies vying for the same candidates.

With few exceptions, only the major law firms in this country have the luxury of maintaining a full-staffed, full-time human resources department. This means that extremely valuable, billable time has to be spent researching, negotiating, and hopefully hiring new employees. Number one on our list is Robert Half Legal Staffing and Consulting. As a full-service recruitment firm, Robert Half has an entire department dedicated to providing talented lawyers, from lawyers to support staff. This company offers expert selection and selection services to find only the best legal talent across the country and specializes in quality staffing services. This, of course, will help you reduce the time and effort required to find the right people for your business. This is an opportunity to have this important first and second selection process at your fingertips. The NALP Legal Employers Directory provides a comprehensive and free solution for finding legal employers in the United States. The NALP Directory provides specific information about law firms, government agencies, public benefit organizations, and businesses, including lawyer demographics, areas of practice, compensation and benefits, diversity and inclusion practices, and other valuable information about legal employers. A dedicated legal recruitment firm.

From in-depth document review to permanent employment, we are the only ones in our industry with the experience and expertise to provide strategic, tailored solutions to all lawyers and employees. See what we do › To help you with this important research, Attorney at Law Magazine has done its own research to compile a list of the top 5 legal recruiters in the United States. During this selection process for these leading companies, we were confronted with the fact that perhaps up to 90% of all legal recruiters are locally owned and based. As it is a national publication, it makes sense to provide a list of recruiters who regularly serve clients from across the country and, in some cases, around the world. Number three on our list is global recruitment firm Major, Lindsey & Africa. With a three-pronged approach, this company does the work to help you find employees, partners, and even in-house consultant candidates. In addition, their experts find and select excellent candidates for law firm management and interim staff positions and to provide transformation consulting services. They have a solid and proven track record of 40 years in recruiting the best talent for companies and corporations. LawCrossing`s list of America`s Most Influential Legal Recruiters lists more than 250 U.S.-based legal recruiters based on their influence across multiple channels, including social media and online content.

These recruiters attract the most numerous and qualified candidates for legal employers. Second on our list is Parker Lynch, a consulting, learning, development and recruitment firm that prides itself on placing lawyers and other lawyers in leading law firms and corporate legal departments across the country. In addition to finding the best legal minds for your firm, they promise to help viable candidates “learn new skills, network with other legal and compliance professionals, pursue leadership training, receive professional coaching, enhance your resume and take on a new position, or even try a new career path.” Cowen Partners places top talent for all major legal positions, including (but not limited to): Major, Lindsey & Africa is the world`s leading legal research firm. Founded in 1982, the firm offers a range of specialized legal recruitments. Read more Traditional recruitment of legal executives takes months to research. In fact, when these legal recruiters place talent, it`s rarely the right choice. Cowen Partners is a recognized leader among leading executive search firms and has developed a 12-point process to place the best legal talent aligned with your needs and corporate culture. Our experienced recruiters specialize in sourcing and executive placement through a proven and tailored process.

Since 1999, The Partners Group has provided exceptional ongoing and contractual advice to law firms and corporate legal departments across the country. Our team is comprised of former practising lawyers, each with the experience and expertise to provide tailored solutions for a wide range of legal mediation and staffing needs. Schoen Legal Search provides partners and partners in law firms and general counsel, deputy general counsel, general counsel, compliance. Read more “David is the ultimate professional and has the unique ability to balance a professional`s background and aspirations with the needs of his corporate and law firm clients.